Here & Tao Hypnotherapy
Combination Sessions: Hypnosis-Reiki-Massage

What is a combination session?
Few centers offer what we do and we believe an explanation is necessary for you to fully appreciate the potential of this combined approach to health and healing. Following is a brief description of the components of our powerful combination approach and an explanation of how and why we put them together into one transformational session.

Almost everyone knows what massage is–hopefully you have enjoyed one sometime recently. But many people are unaware that besides feeling really good, massage can actually help the body (and the mind) heal from stress or injury. Therapeutic massage has many applications in the field of health maintenance as well as in the realm of healing and restoration of normal function.
Hypnosis defies any one specific definition; in fact, by definition it is something different and unique for each of us. But, in general, hypnosis is a state of profound mental and physical relaxation induced spontaneously or upon suggestion. In this state of deep relaxation, the analytical, rational, judgmental, critical, logical aspect of mind, the conscious mind, is by-passed. This quieting of the “thinking mind” allows the creative, feeling, sensing aspect of mind, the subconscious mind, to come forward and predominate. In so doing, the subconscious is open and accepting of ideas and suggestions that foster a sense of well being and contentment, of openness to change or accept what is, in peace. And it’s so much more!

Reiki (pronounced “ray-key”) is a form of therapeutic touch, rediscovered by a Japanese physician in the late 1800’s. Its roots date back to ancient Tibet at least, and maybe earlier. It is believed to be energy that is within each of us. This energy, when activated in us by a special practitioner (Reiki Master Healer) results in healing on all levels and usually produces a very deep, wonderful sense of well being. It is a lovely, powerful force that belongs to all of us and greatly enhances the effects of hypnosis and massage.
What is this combination process all about?
The ultimate in working with body-mind-spirit, that’s what! Here’s how it works:
Prior to the combination session you discuss with Gaye issues you wish to address through hypnosis. Then you advise the participating massage therapist of any specific pain, tension or other problem you are having with any part of your body. This pinpoints the areas you wish to focus on in the combined session. Then, once you are comfortable on the massage table your massage therapist begins the massage while Gaye induces hypnosis and activates Reiki, all of which serve to bring you into a very deep state of relaxation and peace. It is in this state that you are open to accept the suggestions and ideas that you have asked for; suggestions for change, to let go of unwanted emotional baggage; ideas that fly in the face of old perceptions and beliefs. All the while, during the massage, problem areas of your body are given special attention and care.
Memories “trapped” in the body are more readily released to your massage therapist’s caring touch; Gaye assists you in dealing with issues as they arise. The energy being activated by Reiki serves to make every aspect of these releases and realizations more powerful and aids in deepening your state of relaxation; the potential for transformation is virtually limitless! Our clients have expressed a 100% positive response to combination sessions. This process is really something that must be experienced to be understood and appreciated.

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